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Why do so many ADD/ADHD websites just so much stuff all around the site and around the articles. How is that helpful?! 

A Very Important SIGNAL BOOST- As a sufferer of the often stereotyped disorder, I want to remind the world that ADHD is real.


So many people disbelieve the existence of ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It disgusts me, and I’ve decided to fight that.

Here are some examples of common misconceptions about ADHD:

That it doesn’t exist.

That it’s just a way to get kids addicted to drugs:


funniest thing about impulsivity in adhd is that people in person think you’re either really fucking funny or really fucking awkward and both are actually attributed to saying completely out of place things while thinking they aren’t out of place and at the time you have no idea why anyone reacts the way they do bc you’re incapable of normal social interaction

I have this reoccurring fear that my ADHD is going to make it impossible for me to live a normal adult life. Even though I know I’m perfectly high-functioning, I still fear this. Anyone else who’s got learning or other disabilities have this problem?


Riverdance live from Beijing - The Countess Cathleen/Women of the Sidhe

Both the music and choreography of this piece remind me of Sandry in The Will of the Empress.

Ooo yes I can definitely see that. 


the only real problem with cosplaying any version of Sandrilene fa Toren would be the fact you’d know she’d be critiquing the fabrics and the quality of the work

You’ve confirmed all of my fears about cosplaying her. Help lol. 


Different Winds

More hipster Tris, from the Circle of Magic.


(Source: hulklinging)


Little Alice

Alice: alice-in-cosplayland
Photography: Marvin Swart & Jeroen Wolf